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Enjoy your favorite novelties by the box!

Must pre-order all ice cream orders

See below for a full list of Novelties – subject to availability. 

  • Angry Birds Face
  • Avengers Face
  • Batman Face
  • Big Dipper Cone Cookies & Cream
  • Big Dipper Cone Chocolate
  • Big Dipper Cone Strawberry
  • Big Dipper Cone Vanilla
  • Big Sandwich Double Strawberry
  • Big Sandwich Mississippi Mud
  • Big Sandwich Neapolitan
  • Big Sandwich Vanilla 
  • Big Stick Cherry/Pineapple
  • Bomp Pop Crush
  • Bomp Pop 3 Stage RWB
  • Bomp Pop Fudge/Banana
  • Bomb Pop Watermelon
  • Bomb Pop Jolly Rancher
  • Bomp Pop Warheads
  • Bubble Gum Bar
  • Candy Blast Cup
  • Choco Taco
  • Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Cup
  • Cotton Candy Bar
  • Crunch Vanilla Bar
  • Cry Baby Cup Sour Cherry
  • Delicias Butter Pecan
  • Delicias Tamarindo
  • Delicias Coconut Bar
  • Delicias Lime Bar
  • Delicias Mango Bar
  • Delicias Pineapple Bar
  • Delicias Strawberry Bar
  • Delicias Strawberry Cream
  • Delicias Watermelon Bar
  • Emoji Cup
  • Fudge Bar
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich
  • Cyclone Popsicle 
  • Ice Tickle Assorted
  • It’s-It Cappuccino Sandwich
  • It’s-It Chips It Sandwich
  • It’s-It Mint Sandwich
  • It’s-It Super Sundae
  • It’s-It Vanilla Sandwich
  • Jolly Rancher Watermelon Cup 6 oz.
  • Looney Tunes Cup 12 oz.
  • Malt Cup Whopper
  • Minion Face
  • Ninja Turtle Face
  • Orange Dream Bar
  • Popsicle Lick-a-Color
  • Powerpuff Girls Face
  • Push Up Dino Sour Orange
  • Push Up Whistle Stick
  • Scribblers
  • Snickers King Size Bar
  • Snow Cone Bubble Gum
  • Snow Cone Tropical
  • Snow Cone JB Very Cherry/Berry
  • Snow Cone JB Sour Apl/Lem/Gra
  • Snow Storm Cup
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Face 
  • Sour Wower
  • Spiderman Face 
  • Space Jam Bugs Bunny Face
  • Spongebob Face 
  • Strawberry Shortcake Cup
  • Sundae Crunch Chocolate Bar 
  • Sundae Crunch Strawberry Bar 
  • Sundae Cup 5 oz Chocolate
  • Sundae Cup 5 oz Strawberry
  • Tweety Bird Face
  • WWE Sandwich 4oz
  • Yellow Snow Cups ***New Item***

Yolo Ice & Creamery

Yolo Ice & Creamery has been in business for over 30 years serving Yolo and surrounding counties. We sell bulk novelty ice creams, Crystal creamery ice cream and more!  

We even have ice chest rentals for your next get-together, party or large event! 

Local Crystal Creamery Ice Cream

Local ice cream means fresh ice cream! There are 29 fresh flavors made with 100% California milk, simple ingredients, and none of the bad stuff. There are a variety of sizes to choose from all the way up to 3 Gallon tubs. 

Call to inquire about ordering- this product must be ordered in advance.